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How Capital Smart City Can Change Pakistan’s Future

capital smart city

How Capital Smart City Can Change Pakistan’s Future

The urban ecological imbalance induced by widespread migration from rural areas has boosted demand for sustainable housing. Rapid urbanisation has prompted city planners to explore alternatives, including the development of smart communities. The fundamental purpose of these is to offer a safe and sustainable way of life for communities. Capital Smart City in Islamabad is one such project that offers a comfortable living. In this blog, we will look at how Capital Smart City may help shape Pakistan’s future.

The project of Future Development Holdings (FDH) and Habib Rafiq Pvt Ltd. has redefined modern living in the capital, giving smart living options and attracting big investments from a diverse range of investors. The main purpose of Capital Smart City is to establish a high-quality lifestyle and affordable housing.

Reasons Showing How Capital Smart City Can Impact Pakistan’s Future

Capital Smart City is Pakistan’s first Smart City and Asia’s fourth. The innovative features of the project make it one of the most advanced housing societies in the country. Capital Smart Cities will ultimately become the most self-sustaining and environmentally sustainable Smart cities on the housing society’s list. Let us look at some of the elements that illustrate how Capital Smart City might impact Pakistan’s future:

Smart City

Capital Smart City Islamabad was acknowledged as the first smart city in Pakistan even before the inaugural ceremony, with a variety of smart services and characteristics offered by society. Capital Smart City has increased efficiency and effectiveness by utilising smart technologies. The launch of the country’s first smart city is critical in illustrating how Capital Smart City can make a difference in Pakistan’s future.

In comparison to other housing projects in the twin cities, there is a view that all of the services and features in this mega project in Pakistan are smart and hi-tech.

Capital Smart City Islamabad offers cutting-edge technology and high-tech infrastructure, as well as the most sophisticated facilities.

Save and Secure Society

In contrast to the rest of Pakistani societies, the most essential feature of the society is that it is safe and secure. It is always crucial to note that the absence of suitable protection and security measures renders an investment site useless.

Capital Smart City has opted to improve the housing society’s security infrastructure with better security and surveillance. They have provided 24-hour surveillance cameras and a crew of elite society guards for protection.

 Prestigious Designers

By engaging Surbana Jurong (SJ) as Master Planners for the project, Capital Smart City hopes to make a difference in Pakistan’s future. It is a well-known urban, industrial, and infrastructure consultancy firm in Asia. SJ Consulting is a Singaporean consulting business.

Furthermore, by combining technology and creativity, SJ offers one-stop consulting solutions in the fields of urban, industrial, and infrastructure. With over 50 years of successful project execution, it is one of the largest Asian firms. Furthermore, SJ employs around 14,500 people in over 130 offices throughout the world. As a result, the project will fascinate a worldwide audience.


Capital Smart City, like Lahore Smart City, is combining the idea of sustainability in infrastructure as well as the general environment. The neighbourhood offers a natural backdrop and an eco-friendly atmosphere, and green development provides a tranquil and serene environment.

These infrastructures are not only sustainable for today, but also for tomorrow and future generations, since society developers care for the community, the environment, and society.

Furthermore, CSC’s goal is to provide ecologically sustainable infrastructure, and its designs have already been approved by RDA. The infrastructures of society fulfil the demands of the existing circumstances, which is a significant step toward addressing the country’s environmental challenges in the future.

They prioritise the development of low-cost, environmentally friendly construction options so that residents can benefit from both economic and environmental benefits.

Smart Housing

Capital Smart City provides a different platform of Smart Homes and apartments for its occupants in Islamabad, including the most cutting-edge and creative housing alternatives.

Smart Building

All of the infrastructure and buildings in a smart city qualify as “Smart Buildings.” An effective monitoring system is being implemented in structures. It will also contain an HVAC Control method to keep their buildings warm and aired.

Furthermore, the firefighting and alert systems will enable the people to flee. Furthermore, there are the most efficient exits in the event of an emergency.

Smart Energy Provision

Capital Smart City’s smartness stems from the provision of its own energy and power supply. The eco-friendly residential society has been identified as embracing a significant manufacturing strategy for producing energy in a sustainable manner.

Capital Smart City’s eco-friendly infrastructure and hygienic surroundings enable it to outperform the rest of the home societies. With the country’s chronic energy problem, this is an incredible move. It will undoubtedly make a difference in Pakistan’s future.

Smart Environment

Islamabad’s Capital Smart City provides a smart environment in which creativity and technology are used to meet all residents’ needs using modern methods and technology.

Capital Because it is zoned for organic assets, the Smart City site is already naturally appealing. It will be more natural Scenic Beauty and Topography for its guests as the government develops. Developers also assure that there will be no environmental impact.

Employment Opportunity

Capital Smart City offers both residential and business real estate. Within the society, there will be many commercial and business centres, financial squares, and cooperative offices.

The need to maintain these commercial centres running smoothly generates a large number of new employment. In addition, the commercial hubs will provide 90,000 new work possibilities.

Due to its ongoing expansion and construction, CSC Housing Society is in need of staff. Following the completion of the project, numerous new job opportunities in security and community service will be created in society. The massive development necessitates a plethora of work chances that will assure making a difference in Pakistan’s future.

Investment Opportunity

One of the most well-known housing developments to gain clearance from the Rawalpindi development authority is Capital Smart City Islamabad. CSC has swiftly made a name for itself as a real estate business with significant room for expansion.

As a result, a number of individuals have reserved some of the project’s recently discounted plots. This project has the potential to develop into a significant commercial and residential centre in Rawalpindi as a residential plan with RDA approval.

It presents a fantastic investment opportunity that will undoubtedly boost the economy of the nation in the long run.


This blog discussed how Capital Smart City can make a difference in Pakistan’s future for a variety of reasons. To conclude, Capital Smart City Islamabad is one of the few projects in Islamabad with the potential to become the best residential society in the city. This claim is supported by a number of significant facts. Mainly, Capital Smart City Islamabad’s position gives the home society a competitive advantage over the other home societies in the twin cities. Furthermore, the capital smart city payment plan is accessible to anyone.

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