I am ready to marry Salam Khan if he proposes me

Meera is former Pakistani movie and drama actress, he also known as Irtiza Rubab & Meera Jee, she is among most senior actress in Lollywood.

She has also worked in various Bollywood movies. Meera’s movie list include:
Aik Gunah Aur in 2005, Baazigar in 1996, Babul Da Vehra in 1999, Be-Qabu in 1996, Bhadaas in 2013, Bhai Log in 2011, Bichhu in 2007, Billa in 2002, Billi in 2000, Chalo Ishq Larain in 2002, Cheez Bari Hai Mast Mast in 1996, Chief Sahib in 1996, Devdas in 2015, Dil Se Na Bhulana in 2000, Dunya Hay Dil Walon Ki in 1997, Dunya Say Kya Darna in 1999, Ehsas in 1998, Faraeb in 2009.

Pakistani actress Meera says that if Salman Khan offers her marriage, she will not be able to refuse.

Meera recently participated in a private TV program on the occasion of Eid in which she spoke openly about the virtues of her marriage and companionship.

The actress said that these three qualities must be present in the person whom I will marry. First of all, they must belong to Syed family and Sadat, otherwise I will stay like this all my life and will not get married. Love Ali and be proud.

In response to a question, the actress said that if she had the opportunity, she would have married actor Rainbow.

During the program, a fan asked me, “You have not married me yet and Salman Khan has not done so in India yet. If Salman Bhai offers you marriage, will you accept it?”

Meera replied, “Salman Khan is one of the biggest superstars in the world. If he asks me to marry him, I will definitely say yes.”