فردین خان کی زندگی کی کہانی آپ کو متاثر کرے گی۔

Children never forget the pain of losing their parents and parents never forget the pain of losing their children.

Married couples always want their children to be healthy and happy when they are born. It never hurts. But when the child is born prematurely and he is away from you due to some weakness, it is not easy to forget this grief. Actor Fardeen Khan said in an interview to Indian TV:

“Before my father died, he left us. The grief of his departure was so deep that he could not even look at himself. At that time my wife was pregnant and we were about to receive the gift of twins from God but no one knew that those children would be taken away from us along with Papa.

A few months after Papa’s death, Natasha’s condition worsened and she was delivered at 6 months of pregnancy. Because the children were weak and premature, they could not stay with us for long and they died. It was the hardest time for me and my wife to go through this trauma. We thought that maybe the reason for being happy in life was gone. ”

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We did not leave each other in this difficult time. I could not bear the grief of my father’s departure. I could not bear it but I was more shocked to see my wife in this condition. Tried to keep happy. Sometimes he toured a country, sometimes he said.

Who says a woman’s life is difficult? A man’s life is similarly difficult and difficult but the bus modes are different. I was left alone by my father but I controlled my emotions and supported my wife at a time when we would be suffering from severe depression today if we did not become each other’s strength.

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Then in 2013 my daughter was born who gave me every happiness then in 2017 a son was born so our family is complete and now we are a happy family in which my pope is missing.