Meet Divya Bharti Cousin Kaainat Arora Who Looks Sizzling Hot

Divya Bharti, the late Bollywood actress, is still remembered for her beauty. There were many beautiful actresses in the 1990s, but she was one of the most stunning. Despite the fact that her tenure in Bollywood was brief, she made an impression after working on a few films. When she was 19 years old, Divya abruptly left this world.

She died mysteriously a year after appearing in films, and the cause of her death is still unknown. She died in 1993 after falling from an eight-story building, and no one knows if she was murdered or killed herself. However, this does not imply that people have forgotten about her. The actress’s heart continues to beat for her.

Divya’s film career was cut short due to her sad demise in 1993. Her art, on the other hand, was admired by all, as was her charm. But are you aware of a stunning actress who is equally stunning, and what is her link to Divya Bharti?

If you haven’t already, go ahead and read the entire article. We’ll talk about Kainaat Arora, an actress and model who is Divya Bharti’s cousin, in this post. She can only match Divya Bharti’s beauty in this world since they have the same bloodline.


Who is Kainaat Arora?

The Indian actress Kainaat Arora garnered the most news when she starred as Marlo in the Bollywood blockbuster comedy film Grand Masti, which grossed over 100 crores. She also acted in the Malayalam flicks Mankatha and Khatta Meetha and sang in them.

Arora was born to a Punjabi family in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, on December 2, 1986. She is the second cousin of the late actress Divya Bharti. In 2012, Kainaat adopted an old lady and has been caring for her since since.

Kainaat Arora/Instagram

Her amazing career

Kainaat is a well-known Punjabi actress who has acted in a number of films in the Punjabi language. She has a strong following and is well-liked by all. Faraar (2015), Jagga Jiunda E (2018), Kitty Party (2019), and Tipsy (2019) are some of her Punjabi film appearances (2020).

After leaving the Punjabi film industry, she made a name for herself in Bollywood. In 2010, the actress Kainaat Arora made her Bollywood debut in the film Khatta Meetha. Kainaat made a cameo appearance in one of the songs in the film. She first appeared in Bollywood in 2013, and her role in the film Grand Masti rocketed her to fame.


Her social media reach

The actress is active on social media in addition to her acting and singing careers. On her social media pages, she usually shares stunning photos. In recent images, she appears to be pretty lovely and stunning.

Fans are swooning over the photographs and heaping praise on her good looks. Her Instagram photo has received a lot of likes and comments. Divya Bharti’s sister, Kainaat Arora, has become well-known for her amazing looks and acting skills.

Kainaat Arora/Instagram

Why fans are gushing so much over his beauty?

Her flawless beauty attracted a lot of attention, as did her striking resemblance to Divya Bharti. Their likeness is not coincidence because they share the same bloodline. Kainaat hasn’t appeared on the big screen in quite some time, with her most recent performance in the 2015 film Farar. Kainaat Arora is still looking for a leg up in the Bollywood industry.

Kainaat Arora/Instagram

Below are some more pictures of Divya Bharti cousin Kainaat Arora

Kainaat Arora/Instagram
Kainaat Arora/Instagram
Kainaat Arora/Instagram