محسن گیلانی بیٹی کی موت کی کہانی سناتے ہوئے ابدیدہ ہوگیے

Mohsin Gilani, a senior actor in the drama industry, is the center of attention of fans with his talented acting. He is still showing the essence of acting in various drama series.

Apart from the world of Mohsin Gilani’s showbiz, there is a world in which he has a simple personality and is a fine person. Actors are often invited for interviews in programs in which they definitely mention their late daughter during which they also become obsessed.

Recently, Mohsin Gilani was invited as a guest on Nada Yasir’s morning show and the segment of the program was about losing loved ones. Mohsin Gilani talked about his daughter’s last days and also brought her last sign to the program which he showed to the host and other guests.

Actors share memories of their daughter in interviews during the program. He said that when I was 13 years old, I thought that when my child would be born, I had thought of two names. One was Syeda Fatima Batool and the other was Syed Abu Turab Murtaza.

The actor said that my soul was in him and his soul was in me. When I went to work outdoors and she got sick, it was hard for me to work. “My daughter loved to eat dal rice,” he said. She also loved to eat fish and Chinese rice. Mohsin Gilani said that when a child falls somewhere or when a soccer player gets up in a panic, mother or mother comes out of his mouth, the word Baba used to come out of my daughter’s mouth. The senior actor addressed the host and said that you talked about the purse. I was also telling you in the make-up room that my daughter had given the purse as a gift on Father’s Day and this was the last sign she gave me.

Mohsin Gilani said that it was a very difficult moment for me when she hugged me and cried while leaving. And I told her so much that Fatima once said to you in a loud voice, I did not accept anything from you, if I could not fulfill any of your wishes, then forgive your father.

The actor told about his late daughter that when she was about to become a mother, she kept telling me that Abu Aap must come. Fatima was the wife of my elder brother’s son because they do not have a relationship outside our family.