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Park View City Islamabad


Park View City  Islamabad is a new housing society in Islamabad offering residential plots, commercial plots, residential villas, and apartments. Vision Group is in charge of its development. The world-class residential development features a great mosque in the Turkish style, famous schools, a massive hospital, Park View Mall, and a large community centre. Park View City is owned by a real estate magnate from Pakistan’s governing party. This project benefits from the same geographical advantages as the Bahria enclave. Furthermore, this project has made significant progress, having finished more than half of its development. The high pace of growth has drawn a large number of investors to migrate and participate in this endeavour.The Park View City Islamabad Payment Plan provides a 5% reduction on the total plot price. This implies that if you pay in full for any plot in Park View City without using the payment plan, you will receive a 5% discount from the society.

Certain basics apply to all real estate investments. These fundamentals include the real estate project’s location, the market’s perception of it at the time, the flexibility and appeal of the prices of commercial and residential plots, project approval from important governmental regulatory bodies, the track record of the developer behind this specific project, and the security of the project and the investment.

If all the buzz is really worth your hard-earned money, you might be wondering! Here are five reasons for investing in Park View City.

The Tranquil and Central Location of the Project

The luxury house city’s location is ideal in the first place. The location of Park View City in Islamabad is on Malot Road, which is close to the Kashmir Highway. The company’s 200-foot main avenue may also have access to Murree Road, which is around a 15 to 20-minute drive from the Kashmir Highway and the Islamabad Expressway. Blue World City is a great company and location to live for all of its citizens, despite the fact that it is only 20–25 minutes away. Beautiful Bani Gala hills and mountains surround the Park View City area, and the civilization is close enough to allow for practical access to the city centre.The peace and beauty of the area close to the city centre on the Park View City Islamabad Map make it the perfect place to construct a house.

Park View City Plot Size and Commercial Aspects

The business district of Park View City Islamabad, which is situated just beyond the entrance, is another motivation to make an investment there. Residential developments in commercial areas receive a boost in commercial and business activity, which enhances the livability and standard of living of the community. Due to its prime location at the entrance, the commercial space will benefit from increased foot traffic from communities close by, including Bahria Enclave and Park Enclave in this instance. Such commercial areas inspire property developers to construct iconic buildings and shopping centres, raising the value of society.

The main road of Park View City Residential Society is 200 feet long. Park View City Islamabad Map extends for around 100 metres from Islamabad Avenue to Jinnah Park Lane. The large access road makes it simpler and quicker to get to and from the commercial district. Additionally, it enables you to unwind at home while travelling conveniently and comfortably.

The entrance’s Park View City business district is where you should invest your money because of its handy location. The programme increases the value and residency of society by blending residential occupations with industrial and retail activities in commercial zones. Since the project’s offices are situated right at the entrance, surrounding businesses like Bahria Enclave and Park Enclave may easily reach Park View City Islamabad Location.

Rapid Development Leading to Possession of Plots

The Park View City Islamabad is developing at a dizzying pace. Blocks A and B have already been built, and the developers have been allotted two of these blocks and been handed control of them. In these blocks, housing construction has already started. The road system is being rapidly extended by developers. Road networks for other blocks are also being constructed quickly. The enormous Jamiah Mosque is already being built, and the workers are doing a wonderful job. We anticipate that the society will have developed and the community will be prepared to operate properly in two to three years. The town is anticipated to be built by the developers over the course of two to three decades, at which point the area will be ready for everyday use.The Park View City Islamabad Payment Plan is available on the official website.

Trustworthy and Renowned Developers

Furthermore, adherence to all governmental regulations is a need for the success of any real estate project. Capital Development Authority has given its sanction to Park View City Islamabad (CDA). With this permission, investing in this project is now permitted, and the desired or acceptable rate of return is now possible. The Vision Group of Companies is creating Park View City. Aleem Khan, the founder of Vision Group, is a well-known politician and a fellow PTI member. For dependable and first-rate construction, a recognised developer is necessary. The development of this enormous real estate project, Park View City, was carried out by Vision Group.In addition to having a good reputation in the development sector, it also completes more than half of the development work for the real estate project. Due to this, people in this society who possess residential plots started to build their homes, and those whose homes were finished moved into them.

Due to Park View City Islamabad Payment Plan, this characteristic has made it a desired investment location for investors. An endeavour has considerably more significance when it is associated with a well-known person. It gets rid of the risks associated with building and development. The portfolio of the developer, which includes Park View Villas, Park View Signature Apartments, the corporate district in Lahore, as well as Park View Icon in Karachi, demonstrates the company’s great proficiency in the implementation of large-scale projects.

Environmentally Friendly Society 

Park View City Islamabad has always been the first to suggest innovation since it sets trends in real estate environmental policies. In order to address environmental issues and the effects of climate change, Park View City devised eco-friendly initiatives for its housing project. A team of environmental experts has been appointed to conduct an environmental analysis. Pakistan has established the campaign Plant4Pakistan as part of the planting movement. The city of Park View has chosen to take part in the campaign as well. Every country’s land should have 25% planting, but Pakistan’s land only has 3%, according to a 2017 United Nations assessment. According to the global climate risk index, Pakistan is placed fifth in the world in terms of the impacts of long-term climate change.

A significant tree-planting initiative has been put in place at Park View City to improve the city’s appearance and climate. Over 150,000 plants are reportedly present in Park View City. The fact that Park View City often adheres to environmental standards and makes extensive use of natural wood planks is one of its key features. Since the Chak Shahzad region is renowned for its beauty, many individuals are attracted to this activity. It is commonly known that Park View City Islamabad offers a luxurious and safe living. If you buy a house here, you will never be satisfied with Park View City Islamabad Location. Environmental evaluations suggest that densely wooded areas are ideal for habitation. There are more and more residential developments that are environmentally conscious.Because housing firms like Capital Smart City are creating an ecologically friendly programme due to Park View City Islamabad’s location, Park View City would not have to exert any effort in this respect.


Downtown Islamabad is home to the CDA-approved housing development known as Park View City. One of the distinctive commercial areas of the project would be downtown Islamabad. A 100-Kanal lake will be the focal point of the downtown. Park View City benefits from being situated in a picturesque floral environment that resembles a valley. The project attracted several developers to these Islamabad real estate home plans due to its preferred attributes. Additionally, Park View City people that care about the environment are part of the Islamabad vision. According to a press release, Park View City Islamabad was developed to give people the opportunity to enjoy both city life and environment.


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