Reema Khan Shares Beautiful Photos From Her Hajj Trip

Reema Khan is a Pakistani actress, director, and producer. She was born to a Punjabi family in Lahore, Pakistan on October 27, 1971. She received her early education in Multan.

Few people know that Sameena Khan is her real name. As an actress, Reema has appeared in more than 200 films since her debut in 1990, and she has received critical acclaim both in Pakistan and India. Here we talk about Reema Khan age, career, husband, height, weight, family, children, net worth, and biography.

Reema Khan is an adorable Pakistani actress. She lives in the USA along with her husband and son. She often visits Pakistan as well. Reema Khan loves to share her routine pictures but she keeps her personal life private. Reema Khan loves to spend time in worship. She also loves to talk about religion. Every year, Reema Khan does a Ramadan transmission.

Currently, the beautiful actress is in Saudi Arabia for performing Hajj 2023. She has been sharing her pictures from Madina and Makkah. Reema Khan is having serene time during her Hajj trip. In the start, Reema posted pictures from Madina city. She shared images from Masjid E Nabwi as well. Now, Reema has shared beautiful images from Khana Kaaba. Have a look at a few pictures: