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RUDN Enclave – Introduction

Table of Contents

RUDN Enclave is a new project in Rawalpindi that promises to give its residents a pleasant and calm way of life. The project’s planners and investors hope to make this megaproject a model for modern design and service-oriented companies. One of the dreams of a true residential community being constructed in Rawalpindi is RUDN Enclave Rawalpindi. It boasts modern architecture as well as the necessary living conveniences. The RUDN Enclave Rawalpindi is committed to provide its inhabitants with world-class services and all of the newest amenities. The RUDN Enclave Rawalpindi is now the hottest project on the real estate market. The answer is its architecture, which ideally suits the low-income level and allows one to reside in Rawalpindi’s major metropolis.It is low-budget and suitable for the citizens of Islamabad and Rawalpindi with a surplus of amenities.

RUDN Enclave Owners and Developers

This society’s top objective is to develop an exceptional and luxurious quality of life for its residents. RUDN Enclave strives to be a cutting-edge architectural signature as well as a service-driven project. RUDN Enclave Rawalpindi is a flagship project by RMRSCO (PVT) Limited, one of the most well-known companies in the real estate sector. This organisation has been involved in real estate development for about a decade. NESPAK, a public corporation that has completed numerous large projects in Pakistan, is the primary design consultant for RUDN Enclave Rawalpindi. RMRSCO and NESPAK agreed on a two-year contract.

RMRSCO (PVT) Limited

Rudn Enclave Adyala Road Rawalpindi is being developed by RMRSCO Pvt. Ltd. The company is regarded as one of the best in the construction and real estate industries. They have been in business for almost a decade. The primary goal of Rudn Enclave developers is to deliver projects for the twin cities that are technologically advanced.

Rudn Enclave owners are well-known on a global scale. Initially, the firm was involved in the development project. However, when the structure of Ring Road Rawalpindi was altered, the business chose to withdraw from the design process. NESPAK was awarded the development contract. For the time being, RMRSCO Pvt. Ltd is primarily focused on project execution and land acquisition.

NesPak (PVT) Limited

NESPAK (PVT) Ltd, a government agency, is the design consultant for RUDN Enclave Rawalpindi. NESPAK is widely regarded as one of the major engineering consulting firms in Asia and Africa. The Government of Pakistan established NESPAK as a private limited liability corporation in 1973. The development aim was to create a pool of qualified engineers, attain self-sufficiency in consulting engineering, and replace foreign consultants. Today, they have over 5100 employees working around the clock to supply facilities, including skilled engineers. NESPAK has undertaken 3,464 local projects, 347 of which are currently active and 3,117 of which have been finished at a cost of US$ 261 billion. NESPAK has also completed projects in other regions of the world.

NESPAK has completed 561 projects worth US$ 48 billion in about 38 countries. NESPAK International Offices are located in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Afghanistan, Qatar, Nigeria, and the United Kingdom. NESPAK has been involved in the design of significant infrastructure projects such as the Kalma Chowk Flyover Lahore, Lahore Ring Road Project, Lahore Metro Bus System, Narowal Railway Station, Neelum Jehlum Power Project, New Islamabad Airport, Lahore Metro Train Orange Line, and many more.

RUDN Enclave Total Area

RUDN Enclave is a master-planned gated community that has the best houses for sale in Islamabad. The greatest residential development, RUDN Enclave, has a total area of more than 13000 Kanal ground. Sector A, Sector B, and Sector C are the three divisions of society. The development work is progressing quickly in all areas.

RUDN Enclave NOC

This is the most commonly asked Rudn Enclave question because, in the absence of a Rudn Enclave NOC, individuals would avoid investing in schemes. However, it is crucial to remember that more than a dozen Rudn Enclave NOC and permissions are required for a housing project, such as WASA, Climate, Energy, Gas, and so on, and each approval requires a significant amount of time and work. Because Rudn Enclave is a new housing project, the Rawalpindi Development Authority will need to receive final clearance for the project within a few weeks or months. The firm has finished all processes and filed RDA land paperwork, and very positive news concerning Rudn Enclave NOC RDA is on the way.

Under the new amendments proposed by the present administration in June 2020, every development authority, i.e. RDA, CDA, LDA, FDA, and so on, are responsible for giving NOCs for new housing projects within 60 days of filing, unless there is a justifiable basis for refusal or delay. The Rudn Enclave NOC is currently being developed. They do not yet have an official NOC, but they have requested clearance from RDA. It is expected to be published very shortly.

RUDN Enclave Master Plan

The RUDN enclave’s goal is to provide Pakistan with the most recent international level of life. For those seeking the experience of high-end living, the project will provide world-class facilities, sophisticated infrastructure, and an opulent setting. NESPAK created the Master Plan for the RUDN Enclave. RUDN Enclave Master Plan The master plan calls for a well-designed metropolis that will span 14000 kanals. The Master Plan of the RUDN Enclave is made up of many blocks. It is separated into three sections: sector A, sector B, and sector C. Furthermore, discrete business districts are planned for each block apart from the residential area.

RUDN Enclave produced a partial map of a few blocks, from Block A to Block G. Blocks A, C, F, and G are residential blocks with residential plots ranging from 5 marla to 1 kanal and industrial plots ranging from 4 marla to 1 kanal. Block B is designated for the villa and will be leased at a later stage of construction. Blocks D and E have 4 kanal and 8 kanal farmhouses, respectively, as well as commercial plots.

Rudn enclave Master Plan

Rudn Enclave Location

Everyone wants to live in a perfect environment. Everyone prefers a location that provides all of the fundamental living facilities as well as advanced living amenities since it contributes to their peace of mind. RUDN Enclave is located in one of the most perfect areas in Rawalpindi, providing its residents with the chance to live a contemporary lifestyle with all of the local amenities. It is located on Adyala Road in Rawalpindi. Kachehri Chowk is located 20 kilometres from the RUDN Enclave map. Meanwhile, Islamabad Farmhouse is only 10 kilometres away from this society. The housing system provides a significant benefit to its residents because it is surrounded by retail complexes, local colleges, health sectors, and other facilities.

  • RUDN Enclavewill have a 10 to 12 minute drive distance to the New Islamabad International Airport
  • T-chowk and Giga mall will be 10 to 15 minutes’ drive away.
  • It will have a 20 to 25 minute drive from Zero Point via Kashmir Highway

The Rudn Enclave location is ideal because it is in the heart of large cities. The project is on Adyala Road in Rawalpindi. In addition, the Rudn Enclave is close to Islamabad International Airport, the M2 Islamabad-Lahore Motorway, and the recently proposed Ring Road, Rawalpindi.


Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi Map

Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi Map

Residential Blocks of Rudn Enclave

It is a new suburban society that will offer premium lots for residential and commercial development. You may be able to obtain property at a modest cost. The society is organised into the following blocks to properly administer and supply varied sizes of plots with diverse characteristics:

The upcoming residential development would give sites for investors to create commercial and residential units on. Individuals can purchase property at reasonable prices. There are many blocks with various plot sizes.

  • Block A
  • Block B
  • Block C
  • Block D
  • Block E
  • Block F
  • Block G
  • Block H
  • Block I
  • Block J
  • Block K
  • Block L

Residential Plots

Blocks A, C, F, and G are residential blocks with residential plots ranging in size from 5 Marla to 1 Kanal. It provides residential apartments in the following categories:

  • 5-Marla
  • 7-Marla
  • 10-Marla
  • 1-Kanal

Commercial Plots

Individuals looking for business plots in each block will have an exclusive and distinct area to receive the plot in the best communities. The commercial plots are divided as follows:

  • 4-Marla
  • 8-Marla

Farmhouse Sizes

A farmhouse will be built in Blocks D and E. Farmhouses may also be seen in Capital Smart City Islamabad. The setting is great for landscapes and lush green environs. People may enjoy hassle-free holidays or party time with their loved ones. It also offers farmhouses in the following category.

  • 4-Kanal
  • 8-Kanal

It is a new suburban society that will offer premium lots for residential and commercial development. You may be able to obtain property at a modest cost. The society is organised into the following blocks to properly administer and supply varied sizes of plots with diverse characteristics:

  • Block A
  • Block B
  • Block C
  • Block D
  • Block E
  • Block F
  • Block G
  • Block H
  • Block I
  • Block J
  • Block K
  • Block L

Categories Of Blocks

Plots are classified into four categories:

  • General Blocks
  • H-Block
  • Executive Block
  • Farmhouses

Rudn Enclave General Block

Blocks A through G are classified as General Blocks. Blocks A, C, and G will have residential plots. Farmhouses are only permitted in Blocks D and E. As you enter society, you will first see the General Blocks. They will also be the closest to the Rawalpindi Ring Road. Due to the Ring Road alignment phase, development activity in these blocks has been temporarily halted. It will shortly recover to full capacity.

Rudn Enclave Executive Block

The most recent addition to Adyala Road is this block. From Adyala Road, the block extended to the Jawa Dam. The block will reportedly be connected to General Block and Ring Road by an internal, 200-foot-long main boulevard.

This block will have residential plots measuring 7, 10, and 1 kanal. If we’re talking about commercial plots, investors will have access to 4 and 8 Marla. The block will have top-notch, cutting-edge features, setting it apart from other blocks. It is not incorrect to assert that this block’s components will all be superior to those of the other blocks.

The Executive Block connected to the community’s Main Boulevard has just been launched. The following plots will appear in the Executive Block:

  • 7-Marla
  • 10-Marla
  • 1-Kanal

Rudn Enclave H Block Residential

One of society’s most prominent Blocks, Rudn Enclave H-Block, is about to receive RDA approval. It is a part of a newly constructed housing society with 10,000 kanal of land that is located on Adiala Road, close to Bahria Town Phase-8, Chakri & Thalian Interchange, the new CPEC industrial and commercial zone, M-2 Motorway, the newly planned Rawalpindi Ring Road, and the N-5 National Highway, but overlooks the Dam Khalsa natural water body.

H-Block Location

For the Rudn Enclave H-Block, the developers picked the most desired and perfect location in the entire society. The Block also offers easy access to key societal roadways such as Adiala Road and Chakri Interchange.

H-Block Payment Plan

The developers have established cheap and affordable prices for investors. The booking procedure begins with a 20% down payment of just Rs. 240,000 and is followed by two years of easy payments. The 5 Marla land costs a total of Rs. 1,200,000.

Rudn Enclave H Block Residential Payment Plan

RUND Enclave H Block R Payment Plan uqff5t

Commercial Zone

RUDN Enclave will contain large plots for a five-star hotel with luxury rooms, restaurants, bars, swimming pools, and gym facilities. Cineplex, top worldwide and local packaged products, supermarkets, gaming facilities, food courts, cafés, and restaurants will be housed in this world-class international mall. Shopping arcades featuring branded stores, restaurants, outdoor/roadside cafés, and other forms of service facilities are likely in smaller retail districts. Office spaces with the highest level of security and safety.

RUDN Enclave Major Routes

Rawalpindi Ring Road

It is the new route network. The Rawalpindi Ring Road is the most awaited project right now since the design promises reduced traffic by diverting traffic to several roadways. The good news is that Gate 1 of the Rudn Enclave is directly close to the Rawalpindi Ring Road, making it the lowest distance to Islamabad’s new international airport. We may state that Rawalpindi Ring Road is 0 kilometres away from Rudn Enclave.

Chakri Interchange

The RUDN enclave society is around 22 kilometres from Chakri Interchange. However, Motorway M-2 links to it, and this road leads to Lahore, where Lahore Smart City is located, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi. As a result, the road, like the highway, is tied to modern civilization.

Rawat Link Road

The route that joins with the Rudn Society is the most exclusive way between Rawat and Adyala. As a result, you may also reach the place by this method.

Dhamiyal Link Road

Furthermore, the Dhamiyal link road connects Rudn Enclave to the Adyala road. People who use the Dhamiyal road can easily access the neighbourhood.


RUDN Enclave can be accessed through the following ways:

  • Right next to the Adiala Road
  • Approximately 24 min drive to Rawat-Chakbell Road
  • Approximately 29 min drive to M-2 Motorway, Chakri Toll Plaza
  • Approximately 31 min drive to Phase 8, Bahria Town, Rawalpindi
  • Approximately 48 min drive to Saddar, Rawalpindi,
  • Approximately 48 min drive to Islamabad International Airport
  • Approximately 49 min drive to N-5 National Highway, Grand Trunk Rd, Rawalpindi
  • Approximately 51 min drive to Rawat, Islamabad

Nearby Landmarks

The following are some of the nearest and well-known locations to the RUDN Enclave Nearby Landmarks:

RUDN Enclave Nearby housing societies

In terms of surroundings, RUDN Enclave is close to Bahria Town Phase-8. It is also close to DHA Phase 4 and PIA Enclave, Rose Valley, and numerous other significant housing developments. Furthermore, the Rawalpindi Development Authority plans to create RDA city near RUDN Enclave, which would have a significant influence on RUDN Enclave.

RUDN Enclave Development Status

Currently, 25% of the construction work has been completed. Furthermore, around 15 heavy equipment are working to speed up on-site building operations. Roads and utilities are being built at a quick pace. Farmhouses and Block A are now under development. It is the main focus of the developers.

Rudn 9 768x432 1

Rudn 7 768x432 1

RUDN Enclave Features

Some of the most unique and up-to-date characteristics are available to the city and are fitted with both modern life and advanced facilities:

  • Farm Houses
  • RUDN Continental Hotel
  • Water Theme Park for the first time in Pakistan
  • DAM View Farm Houses
  • Food Court
  • Jogging Tracks along the DAM
  • Sky Walk for the first time in Pakistan
  • Luxurious Business center-The Core
  • International Standard Schools & Colleges A network of Carpeted roads
  • Parks, lakes, and hills
  • Fully Functional Health Center with 24/7 facilities
  • Branded Shopping and eatery-The Square
  • Spa, gym facilities & fine Dinning- The Resort
  • Mosques
  • Wide main entrance that provides an eye-catching view
  • Community Centre fulfilling all your needs
  • Sports complex with different indoor and outdoor gaming
  • Maintenance Staff to make sure everything is maintained and in working condition
  • A well-built sewerage system
  • 24/7 security and camera surveillance
  • Water Supply
  • Shopping Malls with all the facilities and brands under one roof
  • Restaurants providing you with quality food
  • Community’s Grand Mosque
  • Water filtration plants
  • Organic Farming
  • Food COURTS
  • Dam View Site
  • Sky Walk
  • Water Theme Park
  • Carpeted roads
  • Community’s Gymnasium
  • Community’s Graveyard

RUDN enclave amenities and services

Education Facilities

The RUDN Enclave Society plans to build university campuses, schools, and institutions. There are also the greatest educational institutions and a college-level education centre. This guarantees that the children’s future is in the hands of capable adults in the community. This will give great educational possibilities for the residents of RUDN Enclave.

Health Facilities

Personal and family health is the primary facility, which is why it is most important to the social authority. RUDN Enclave places a high priority on providing excellent hospitalisation services to its residents. You can employ both the emergency services and the best doctors that are available to you.

Theme Parks

RUDN Enclave includes all of the elegant and appealing features. Another objective of the RUDN enclave is to provide safe entertainment within its boundaries. To meet this goal, developers are focused on building a huge number of open theme parks for their people.


The World Class has a professional gymnasium centre where you can stay healthy and safe. These gyms would allow residents of the RUDN enclave to live a more balanced lifestyle. Professional gym trainers will also be on hand to assist you in practising on the most up-to-date exercise equipment and living a healthy lifestyle.

Quality Drainage System

Rudn Enclave will construct modern sanitary systems. Developers intend to create a cutting-edge sewage system to benefit residents.


Developers have allotted enough area in each block of the housing society to build a spectacular mosque with some high cathedrals and typical Islamic architecture. There are separate masjids for each business so that individuals may do their Islamic obligations.

Community Center and club

RUDN Enclave intends to create a sense of unity among its people. Rudn enclave will also include a community centre and a club for its valued residents, following in the footsteps of other housing societies around Pakistan.


The RUDN Enclave housing project will be a community without electrical cables or sticks spread throughout the city. The entire power system will most likely be underground, allowing you to enjoy the scenery. There will also be wired underground Internet, telephone, and other utilities. Both fundamental utilities, such as gas, electricity, telephone, cable, internet, and sewage, are well-coordinated.

Broad Road infrastructure

The house project’s road network would be flawless if it were based on well-organized road networks. Since there will be less traffic and wider roadways, you will have the ability to get at your preferred spot faster.

RUDN Enclave Payment Plan

The charges for the mega project are the most reasonable, and the payment plan is convenient for middle-class households. Residential apartments of the following sizes are available: 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal. Farmhouses in the 4 Kanal and 8 Kanal categories are also available. Additionally, Rudn Heights has upscale apartments for rent. Numerous amusement parks, shops, and mosques are also suggested in the master plan. Additionally available at the Islamabad Rudn Enclave Payment Plan are industrial plots of 4 and 8 marlas.

Executive Block Payment Plan

  • A 7 Marla property in an executive block costs PKR 1,800,000 and includes monthly instalments of PKR 26,250 for 48 months. You must pay a deposit of 20% at the time of booking. 10% will be charged upon possession.
  • A 10 Marla property in an executive block costs PKR 2,370,000 and includes monthly instalments of PKR 34,563 for 48 months. You must pay a deposit of 20% at the time of booking. 10% will be charged upon possession.
  • 1 Kanal plot in an executive block has a price of PKR 3,950,000 and offers PKR 57,604 monthly installments for 48 months. You have to pay 20 percent at the time of booking. 10% to be charged upon possession.

Rudn Payment Plan Executive Resendital Block

Residential Payment Plan

  • The price of a 5 Marla residential plot is PKR 1,200,000, with 48 monthly installments of PKR 17,500. You must pay 15% at the time of booking and 5% at the time of confirmation. 10% will be charged upon delivery.
  • The price of a 7 Marla residential plot is PKR 1,500,000, with 48 monthly installments of PKR 22,750. You must pay 15% at the time of booking and 5% at the time of confirmation. 10% will be charged upon delivery.
  • The price of a 10 Marla residential plot is PKR 2,165,000, with 48 monthly installments of PKR 31,573. You must pay 15% at the time of booking and 5% at the time of confirmation. 10% will be charged upon delivery.
  • 1 Kanal residential plot costs PKR 3,528,000 with 48 monthly installments of PKR 51,450. You must pay 15% at the time of booking and 5% at the time of confirmation. 10% will be charged upon delivery.

Executive Block Commercial Payment Plan

  • 4 Marla property in executive block commercial costs PKR 4,000,000 and has monthly installments of PKR 58,333 for 48 months. You must pay a deposit of 20% at the time of booking. 10% will be charged upon delivery.
  • The price of an 8 Marla property in executive block commercial is PKR 7,200,000, with monthly installments of PKR 105,000 for 48 months. You must pay a deposit of 20% at the time of booking. 10% will be charged upon delivery.

Commercial Payment Plan

  • The price of a 4 Marla commercial land is PKR 2,640,000, with 48 monthly payments of PKR 38,500 available. You must pay 15% at the time of booking and 5% at the time of confirmation. 10% will be charged upon delivery.
  • The price of an 8 Marla commercial plot is PKR 4,500,000, with 48 PKR 65,625 monthly installments. You must pay 15% at the time of booking and 5% at the time of confirmation. 10% will be charged upon delivery.
  • 1 Kanal commercial plot costs 15,000,000 and has 48 monthly installments of PKR 218,750. You must pay 15% at the time of booking and 5% at the time of confirmation. 10% will be charged upon delivery.

Rudn Payment Plan Commerical Block

Farmhouse Payment Plan

  • The 4 Kanal farmhouse costs PKR 9,200,000 and is available for PKR 134,167 in 48 monthly payments. You must pay 15% at the time of booking and 5% at the time of confirmation. 10% will be charged upon delivery.
  • The 8 Kanal farmhouse costs PKR 16,000,000 and is available for PKR 233,333 in 48 monthly payments. You must pay 15% at the time of booking and 5% at the time of confirmation. 10% will be charged upon delivery.

Farmhouse Payment Plan

Rudn Enclave Investment Potential

RUDN Enclave is one of the top three home developments that will fully use the planned Rawalpindi Ring Road. Property values are likely to climb in a matter of weeks following the government’s formal commencement of work this year, making it one of Rawalpindi’s top suggested investment options. Residential plot prices are likely to climb by 20 to 30 percent per year, while commercial plot prices are expected to rise by 50 percent per year, based on a conservative estimate of RUDN Enclave’s projected average return on investment at present rates. Another significant benefit of RUDN Enclave investment is that the firm sells map plots rather than archives.It also offers plot transfers to the registration after full payment, demonstrating that the firm owns the property it sells and that you have the least possibility of theft, which is more possible in the case of files.

H And Executive Block Updated Payment Plan

The payment schedule for the H and Executive Block of 5,7,10 marla and 1 kanal is shown below. Because the initial rates provide a high profit, the authorities decided to cancel the second payment plan, and no dealer or customer would be dealt with under that plan. First rate provides 5,7,10 marla and 1 kanal for 1,200,000, 1,800,000, 2,370,000, and 3,950,000. The second cost is Rs 1,450,000 for 5 marla, Rs 1980,000 for 7 marla, Rs 2,607,000 for 10 marla, and Rs 4,345,000 for 1 kanal. Yet, these figures are incorrect. Third rates have not yet been disclosed, but no dealer or customer is now dealing with them. It starts with 5 marla at Rs 1,575,000 , 7 marla at Rs 2,250,000, 10 marla at Rs2,900,000 and 1 kanal at Rs 4,900,000.

RUDN Enclave Booking Procedure

It is relatively simple to reserve a home or business plot or farmhouse in Rawalpindi’s Rudn Enclave. All you have to do is pick your plot, mail your paperwork and down payment, and your allocation letter will be available in 7 to 10 working days.

The following procedure may be done if you are in Pakistan:

  • Fill in your Application Form for Booking
  • Attach CNIC and Nominee Copies
  • Attach 2 Passport Size Applicant Pictures
  • Pay down payment in favor of “Rudn Enclave” via check or payment order
  • Approved Cash Payment
  • Send and receive a receipt of your documents and payment
  • Collect your file or have it sent to your address after 7 to 10 working days

You can do the following procedure if you live outside Pakistan or any other city within Pakistan:

  • Contact us to discuss options via email, WhatsApp, or phone call
  • We will share plot numbers available to choose from
  • Till you finish the booking process, choose your plot and reserve
  • Deposit down payment on Rudn Enclave’s registered company account and share receipt
  • Give us a scanned copy of the application form, CNIC applicant & candidate copies, and the applicant’s passport size photo
  • Your payment receipt will be given until the payment is checked.
  • Within 7 to 10 working days, your file will be ready and sent to your given address.

Rudn Payment Plan Resendital Block

RUDN Enclave Development Status

As previously indicated, RMRSCO was participating in the project’s development work and accomplished approximately 20% of the earthwork in Block A. After the change in plans, development activity has ceased, although a few bulldozers are still levelling soil. When the pre-requisites are completed, proper manufacturing will commence. Because society is still in its early stages, it will be some time before you can observe true on-the-ground development activities. The firm is working hard with its team to achieve its objectives, therefore you can expect full-fledged development work to begin following the NOC developer and issue by September 2020.

Pros and Cons of RUDN Enclave

Following are the pros & cons of RUDN Enclave are:

Pros of RUDN Enclave Cons of RUDN Enclave
Ideal Location The perception of a distant place.
Very close to the main locations & other societies
Grocery/shopping center/Markets/Malls
Well-planned drainage & waste disposal systems
24/7 Water Availability
24/7 Gas Supply Availability
24/7 Electricity Supply Availability
Adequate Health Facilities
High-Standard Schools
Gated community with security gates, surveillance systems, CCTV Cameras & guards
Theme Parks
Wide Carpeted Roads
Sustainable and Serene Environment
Updated Security System


RUDN Enclave is being built by a highly experienced development team with the help of the world-renowned NESPAK. Engineers developed this society utilising cutting-edge technology and materials. The society is keeping its promise to be the greatest infrastructure development residential area with luxurious facilities at the most affordable costs. Society offers you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire the home at a fair price. Hence, Sky Media Group recommends that you invest in RUDN Enclave to guarantee your future. Sky Media Group together with fresh innovation and productive infrastructure, will go forward and strive to meet your expectations. If you require any information or have any questions, please call the numbers listed.If you want to learn more about RUDN Enclave, its investment potential, and future expansion, or if you want to reserve a residential or commercial plot, please contact us through email, WhatsApp, or phone call.

Sky Media Marketing is a major real estate marketing agency in Peterborough, UK for Pakistanis living abroad. We work hard to deliver high-quality services and advice on property solutions and management. We work on housing projects such as Nova City Islamabad, Park View City Islamabad, ASC Cooperative Housing Society, Nova City Peshawar, and Hawks Melbourne City, among others. Our major concern is customer happiness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Following are the frequently asked questions:

Ans: Yes, the NOC of the housing venture is soon to be approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA).

Ans: Yes, the bookings are open for the housing society.

Ans: There are three main categories:

  1. General Block
  2. Executive Block
  3. Farm Houses

Ans: The latest plots of Rudn Enclave are 14 Marla residential plots.

Ans: The latest blogs of Rudn Enclave are available in Executive Block.

Ans: There are twelve blocks of Rudn Enclave. It includes:

  1. Block A
  2. Block B
  3. Block C
  4. Block D
  5. Block E
  6. Block F
  7. Block G
  8. Block H
  9. Block I
  10. Block J
  11. Block K
  12. Block L

Ans: Yes, investing in Rudn Enclave is highly profitable due to many factors. One of the major factors is the location. The housing venture is available between two lakes Jawa and Khasala Lake.

Ans: The owners and developers of Rudn Enclave are RMRSCO Private Limited and NESPAK, along with the collaboration of UPDL.

Ans: The Rudn Enclave commercial plots enlisted below:

  • 4 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Ans: The sizes of Rudn Enclave residential plots mentioned below:

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal