شاہد آفریدی نے دو لاکھ دے کر غریب کی بیٹی کی جان بچائی

Man always says that by spending in the way of Allah and helping the servants of Allah, money does not decrease but increases. Shahid Afridi has always been at the forefront of helping the poor, but today we will talk about how Shahid Afridi’s wife saved the life of a father’s daughter without worrying about her feelings. Let us know.

Shahid Afridi shared a tearful 2004 story during a conference. Fakhr Shahid Afridi of Pakistan said that once a poor man came to me and started crying when he came and asked him why he was crying. So he said that my daughter is very ill and is currently in hospital for which I need Rs 2 lakh so that I can treat my daughter.

At first I called the hospital and found out whether Baba was telling the truth or not. I found out that Baba was really telling the truth and his daughter was admitted to the hospital. I thought that Rs 2 lakh at that time. So I won’t have it, so I got a little scared with my wife and said Begum give me the gold set you have.

Because a poor man has come to help him, my wife did not say that I am not giving or I have just taken, but my wife said that if you think the servant is right that he is not lying, then you Give it After which I immediately sent a friend and sold the seat and gave Rs. 200,000 to Baba and told Begum not to worry, Allah will give you a better and more expensive set.

Also, my friend gave my wife a gold set as a gift, which cost twice as much as our gold set, which we sold to help the poor.

Remember that Afridi also said on this occasion that he was going to talk to his wife, so he was scared because women like gold and its jewelry very much and on top of that I have just been married for a few years. Had happened and at that time, if I would say this, the wife would be angry, but it did not happen.

It is to be noted that Afridi also said that when my wife gave me the seat to sell without any question, I was very happy at that time.