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Beautiful natural scenery and a spectacular perspective of Islamabad city contribute to the beauty of University Town, which is a masterpiece in its surroundings.

You can contrast the breathtaking views of this housing society with those of Park View City, an RDA-approved housing project located in Zone IV of Islamabad, and Bahria Enclave, another well-known housing society with captivating views, but the costs offered in these societies can be rather high and out of everyone’s price range, whereas University Town enables everyone to be able to afford a comfortable living in the midst of a natural environment and lush greenery

A stunning environment combined with contemporary conveniences enhances not just this bright civilization but also its surroundings.

Aside from the magnificent setting, the range of commercial and residential prospects, as well as the affordable prices, make for unlimited investment opportunities in society. It is the perfect location for people who wish to live and raise a family in a tidy, clean environment with access to the greatest amenities.

University Town Islamabad Launch:

The housing society was initially introduced in the year 1992 but it was officially launched in 2005 after attaining its planning permission and NOCs from the relevant authorities.

Owner and Developer:

Mr. Abdul Aziz Khan, a professor from Peshawar, Pakistan, has just finished his first assignment. Despite without any prior real estate expertise, Mr. Aziz deserves praise for his efforts in founding this remarkable housing society.

University Town Islamabad Location:

The area around University Town is really interesting and doable. It is about five minutes from the New Islamabad Airport and is located on the Kashmir Highway, close to the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway junction. The location of this community adjacent to the highway on Kashmir Highway Link Road, just before the toll booth, is by far its strongest selling factor.

This society’s prominent position is not only lovely but also close to Islamabad City; zero points, Islamabad, is only a 10-minute drive away.

University Town shares a border with Eighteen Islamabad, one of the most well-known and expansive housing developments in Pakistan, and is within a 10-minute drive from Blue World City, Top City, Lahore Smart City, and Qurtaba City.

Total Area & Mouza:

This residential project is located on a rural plot of land that was once known as Bajnial in the District of Rawalpindi, covering a total area of roughly 4500 Kanal.

University Town Islamabad Approvals:

The NOC of University Town has been issued by Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) against the no. RDA:RDA/MP & TE/F – PHS – 43/1873 dated 9-5-2006.

This can be confirmed from the official website of RDA.

University Town Islamabad Map:

As you can see from the map below, if you are travelling from Islamabad to Lahore before the toll plaza, this auspicious housing society is located on the left side of the Lahore- Islamabad Motorway, M-2. Here is a map of this fortunate home development.

University Town Islamabad Location Map min

University Town Islamabad Blocks:

For the convenience of its occupants, University Town has been separated into six separate blocks with the initials of A, B, C, D, and E & F. In the housing society, half of the blocks have been developed, while work is still being done on the remaining half.

University Town Islamabad Map 2

University Town Islamabad Features:

The society is designed in a manner that it is miles ready with all modern services and centers so it can bud into a place fit for people belonging from all norms of society. Some of the key features of the society are listed below:

  • 72′ Wide main boulevard and all roads are more than 35′ wide
  • Gated Community
  • Metro Route
  • Extensive Water Supply
  • Sewerage Disposal Stations
  • Underground Electricity
  • Sui Gas
  • Single Entry System Security
  • Club And Community Centre
  • Car Parking Area
  • Sector and Jamia Mosques
  • Hospital & Medical Center
  • Parks and Play Grounds
  • Mosques and Schools
  • Commercial Zone
  • Eateries and Restaurants
  • Community Center
  • Sports Auditorium
  • Public transport


Blocks “A,” “B,” and “D” have all been fully constructed, and customers have received their plots, while the development work in the remaining blocks is progressing quickly. This means that 80% of the University Town has been developed. The following is a list of the remaining blocks’ progress:

E-block requires only a little amount of utility work to be 80% completed.

With continued earthwork, over 40% of C block has been developed.

F block is still in the early stages of development.

For your better understanding, the following is a thorough study of the development work being done in each of the social building blocks:

University Town Islamabad Development

Development Work in Blocks A, B & D:

A, B, and D blocks make up the society’s developed blocks. The residents of the completely finished homes in these blocks have tranquil and pleasant lives. All essential amenities, such as water, power, carpeted roads, and paved streets, are available in these areas. These areas also include a park with a variety of swings for the enjoyment of the younger members of society.

Development Work in Blocks E, F & C:

Block E’s construction is complete, whilst Block F and C’s construction is nearing completion. The Block E, Block F, and Block C available plots are on the market. The building and development work was carried out in accordance with contemporary norms. Additionally, all services and facilities would be available to the inhabitants of these blocks.


Plots in the society’s A, B, and D Blocks are available to purchasers with immediate ownership. According to the most recent information provided by our sources, the plots in Block E, Block F, and Block C are also available for occupancy. Similar to Gulberg Green, the housing association provides possession of the plots in a fair amount of time at inexpensive rates.

University Town Islamabad Prices:

University Town Islamabad Residential Prices:

Due to their classifications, levels of development, and possession, the prices in the society differ in each of the blocks. However, we are unable to provide you with an exact price quotation for the plots that are offered in the blocks of this housing project. Instead, we are providing you with the price range that investors have requested for the residential plots in the society so that you may better comprehend current prices.

The prices of residential plots available in the society are given as below:

University Town Prices

University Town Commercial Prices:

The society has introduced a clever installment plan to make it possible for investors to buy plots in the society’s commercial zone with only a 25% down payment.

The full plan offered by the management of this project is attached below for your consideration:

University Town Pricing


  • The prices mentioned above are exclusive of the prices of category plots i.e. Corner, Park facing and Main Roads
  • All the extra charges will be payable within 180 Days of Booking
  • The possession of units in the commercial zone shall be provisional until the final payment is received by the builder.
  • The Documentation fees and utility charges will be payable on demand by the management of society.



Most Serene And Magnificent Location Quality of development is comparatively low
Reliable and Secure Investment The officials of society are inexperienced
Situated Next To CDA Sector And New Islamabad Airport The main Access road is not fully constructed
Attainment Of All Nocs And Permissions
Immediate Possession
Eco-friendly and Natural Environment
Easy access
Easy Trad able Plot Sizes
Profitable Long Term & Short Term Investment
All Basic Facilities Available
Underground Electricity
Fast Reselling Of Plots
High Profile Neighboring Societies
CPEC Junction, which will connect the society to all main roads, ICHS Town and other main housing societies situated on Fateh Jung Road, Tarnol and other areas.

Why invest in University Town?

There are a no. of plausible factors in the society to consider when deciding to purchase a plot, let us discuss a few down below to help you make your decision.

Strong Investment Potential:

This society is a solid and hassle-free investment option because it has obtained the necessary NOCs and planning approvals from the essential departments and agencies.

Given its prime location and competitive prices, this housing society has managed to thrive despite the challenging market conditions. In addition, unanticipated price increases brought about by rising demand and demand for the property have given investors a healthy return.

Convenient Transport:

The newest Metro Bus line passes directly by this community, making travel much more easy. One of the main selling aspects of this community is the route that connects all parts of Islamabad City to the airport and regions of Rawalpindi.

Proximity to Islamabad Airport:

The International Islamabad Airport’s opening has substantially enhanced the value of the properties in the neighbourhood since it has opened up a variety of employment and business options. This housing society has really profited from its location since it is only 5 minutes from the airport. The cost of homes in this housing project increased by 1 to 15% on the Islamabad real estate market. The project’s financiers profited handsomely from their investment and gained their due share of benefits from the circumstance.

Tranquil and Bewitching Environment:

With its environmentally friendly and naturally stunning surroundings, University Town has the potential to become one of the most spectacular home developments in the area. The breathtaking sights of lush greenery everywhere

People who prefer to raise their family in a serene and calm setting away from the hectic pace of the metropolis have good residential options thanks to society.

Compliant to Population Shift:

Islamabad has recently seen a significant shift in its resident population out from the central area of the city; the overcrowded metropolis is no longer alluring to the people who desire for a calm yet comfortable existence. This community offers safe and adequate housing that is furnished with all essential amenities, including 24/7 energy supply, modern sewerage system, clean water, gas, and easy access to transportation.

Popular Neighboring Housing Societies:

18 Islamabad International Airport, Faisal Town, Top City, Mumtaz City, and other nearby communities have significantly boosted the value of this peaceful housing property. Eighteen Islamabad, which is this housing society’s nearest neighbor, has the potential to become the most prestigious housing society in Pakistan, not only in Islamabad. Islamabad’s university town will gain a lot from any potential future shared connecting road between the two housing communities. The society is not only close to these prestigious housing developments, but it is also located at the CPEC Junction, which will link all of the major cities. The prices and value of houses in this area will rise as a result of all these variables.

Attractive Features and Utilities:

The society is outfitted with the requirements of life, including internet, telephone, clean water supply to all areas of the society, Sui gas, underground power, and all the benefits of a gated community. It is a well designed housing society with modern amenities and wonderful opportunities, making it the pinnacle of luxury, comfort, and tranquillity for its residents.

Economical Rates:

In comparison to other housing societies in the area, the prices offered in this project are incredibly reasonable and affordable. Eighteen Islamabad, the priciest housing society in Pakistan, is bordered by this project, but there is a significant price difference between the two societies. University Town offers its residents a unique chance to take use of the opulent benefits of their upscale surroundings without breaking the bank.

Additionally, Capital Smart City provides excellent investment options.

University Town Development

University Town Area

University Town

University Town Houses

University Town

University Town

How to Book your Plot in University Town:

To book your plot in this magnificent housing society has never been easier, you will only require the following documents:

  • A copy of your National Identity Card (ID)
  • A copy of your Next to Kin’s ID card
  • 2 Passport size Pictures
  • Payment of the Plot/ Cheque/Pay Order/ DD in favor of University Town

University town islamabad Booking Procedure

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University Town Market Trend:

It is a valuable housing society that has managed to survive even during the hardest times for the Islamabad real estate market. Although the project is not as expensive as other housing societies in the area, such as Taj Residencia, nor have prices in University Town grown much, such as B-17 Multi-Gardens, the society has been operating steadily in the real estate market in the capital city.

University Town Islamabad Market Trend

This property development’s magnificent surroundings and incredibly attractive setting are what draw investors to it. This housing society has been effective in drawing people in with its attractive surroundings and affordable costs.

Investors who thoroughly examine the market are aware that this housing society is a gem in the rough and has not yet reached the full extent of its potential, but it has a very bright future, and its current small imperfections will not stand in the way of its success.

FAQs about University Town Islamabad

Some of the most frequently asked questions about this society are answered as under:

Ans: It is located right next to M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway on Kashmir Highway and can easily be accessed from the Kashmir link road.

Ans: The owner of this unique housing project is Mr. Abdul Aziz Khan, who is a professor at a reputable university by profession, this project is his first venture in the real estate business.

Ans: Electricity, Sui Gas and availability of clean water is provided to the occupants of the society. The society has built water storage tanks in each block to prevent a shortage of clean water in the area.

Ans: The housing project is an established one that does not provide an installment plan for residential plots; instead, residents can buy them outright for the full price. However, the society does provide an easy installment plan for commercial plots to accommodate investors. In the aforementioned article, under the section titled “University Town Islamabad Commercial prices,” you may see the payment schedule.

Ans: You can purchase 5 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal plots in the residential blocks of the society and several sizes in commercial zones.

Ans: This housing society is a gold mine for investors, whether you decide to purchase a residential plot or commercial plot in this project, a handsome return on investment is guaranteed.

Ans: Despite the society’s 1992 founding, it wasn’t until 2005 that it was formally launched after acquiring planning approvals and NOCs from the appropriate authorities. Every civilization takes time to grow, but this one is taking a little longer because the project’s owner has no past real estate development expertise.

Ans: You can get instant possession of the plots located in all the blocks of the housing society.

Ans: Due to its great position, clear NOC, breathtaking views, most reasonable pricing, and standard plot sizes, this society is a fantastic prospect for both short-term and long-term investments. This makes trading in the society’s properties extremely simple.