پاکستان شوبز انڈسٹری کی معروف اداکارہ بہو سسرال سے تعلقات رکھتی ہیں

I have certain principles that cannot be compromised, but maybe they are not so important for the new generation. I am not a domineering mother-in-law but it is not necessary that the girl who comes to the house can also come and adjust in the house.

This is what famous actress Saba Faisal has to say, who is often in the news due to the bitterness between her and her daughter-in-law. In a recent interview with Sajid Hasan, Saba, who plays the role of mother-in-law in dramas, revealed some facts about her real daughter-in-law.

Saba said that a girl is born with the nature she is trained to change, it is difficult for her to change it and often because of this she cannot live in her in-laws. What will the judge do?

Thoughts on Gul Rena’s daughter-in-law

Similarly, there is also a famous actress Gul e Rena who is going to take the position of mother-in-law very soon. Mirab Ali is also related to showbiz. Gul e Rena says that daughters-in-law are treated as servants, which they are against. A daughter-in-law should be a good person first and what she will not tolerate at all is rudeness “I will not tolerate a rude daughter-in-law at all.”

3-Hina Dilpazeer

Leading actress of Pakistani drama industry Hina DilPazeer does not need any introduction. Hina, an expert in all types of acting, including comedy, has given many of the most popular plays to the Pakistani drama industry.

She said my daughter-in-law is like my own daughter. She keeps house clean very responsible lady even she always say i will do everything keeps me resting all the time.