Who is more beautiful Hira Mani or Kareena Kapoor

Users on the photo and video sharing application (app) Instagram have called Hum TV’s ‘Kashf’ a better actress than Jab We Met’s song.

In a post on Instagram, a picture of Hira Mani and Kareena Kapoor was attached and it was also written that Hira Mani never hesitates to declare Kareena Kapoor as her favorite actress.

InstaPost also posted a picture of Hira Mani dressed as Kareena in a song and it was said that Kareena Kapoor has been paid tribute in this song as well.

In response to this post, Hira Mani wrote that this dress also has a story.

Commenting on the post, Instagram users described Hira Mani’s performance, facial expressions and voice as better than Kareena Kapoor’s.Pakistani actress Hira Mani has shared an issue with her fans on social media regarding her photos.

Hira Mani, the actress of Geo drama serial ‘Mohabbat Na Kario’ is very active on social media and keeps sharing videos and photos with her fans.

Last week, Haramani told her fans about the ‘Pink Bottle’ in her use that there is a whole story behind this Pink Bottle which she will definitely tell to her fans one day. I haven’t heard, but I did mention an issue with my pictures, which is a problem for almost every girl.

Hira Mani has shared two photos on her Instagram account in which she looks very beautiful with her hair loose in a loose white kurta.

Sharing the photos with the fans, Hira Mani said, “They took 10 photos, out of which only two are good.”

Both the photos have received a lot of likes and comments from Hira Mani fans, with Instagram users praising Hira Mani and saying, “It can’t be that only two out of 10 Hira Mani photos are good. Come on, some users jokingly said, ‘These two pictures are not good either.’